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Engage Everywhere Overview

Engage Everywhere is the ultimate end-to-end conversation and conversion platform.

We Want To Drive Conversations

  • Create more leads and attract qualified prospects
  • Initiate more conversations
  • Increase engagement. Engage more prospects and customers by stacking your media, messaging and connections to make your messaging irresistible.
  • Continually drive re-engagement.
  • Extend and convert more conversations
  • Elevate more conversations to appointments or events
  • Close more conversations successfully
  • Engage your prospects/clients/members using the messaging types and media that they are most comfortable with. Connect across the full spectrum of media (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and offline), messaging (calling, text, email, video calling, group messaging, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat).
  • Connect your team to prospects/clients/members
  • Enable personal connections and personal sales
  • Enhance personal connections with automation

Create More Leads / Attract Qualified Prospects

  1. Social or Video content to create “Invisible List” of aware prospects (Facebook, Google, YouTube)
  2. Direct response advertising to inexpensively compel prospects to register
    • Hot List of properties
    • Video reports
  3. Lead capture website (Content integrated offers)
    • MLS Integration (HDX)
    • Video / Content (Blog)
  4. Ingestion
  5. Custom intake widgets
    • Contact Us
    • Hot list or Dream Home Criteria (Show full process right to video Buyer’s Presentation and signature)
    • Home Evaluation (Show full process right to video Listing Presentation and signature)
  6. Work your database
    • List intake from all ad sources
    • Integration with popular CRM and list tools (MailChimp, Google Contacts)
    • Integration to other data (ie. HDX/MLS for property data)
    • Connect with more customers and prospects using the Engage Call-Assist Dialer with pre and post call nudges
    • Team Inbox for sales and support

Initiate More Conversations / Increase Engagement

  1. Automatic fulfillment of requests
    • Hot list of properties
    • Video reports
  2. Engage Call-Assist Dialer with pre and post call nudges
  3. Built in Universal Follow-up Script to establish motivation and timing
  4. Shared local telephone numbers for your team
  5. Nudge stacks across multiple messaging platforms (Email (Gmail), SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp,

Drive Re-Engagement of Prospects or Customers

  1. Hot list updates
  2. Video content updates
  3. Nudge stacks
  4. “I’m back” Triggers on website drive prospects back into conversation process
  5. Engagement widgets
  6. Social engagement

Conversation Elevation

  1. Take a conversation PRIVATE
  2. Transition from asynchronous channels to telephone conversations
  3. Transition to a private room. Initiate by SMS. Initiate by email. Initiate by voice. Initiate by Nudge stack. Conversation within the data room. Direct to private room requests.
  4. Take prospects directly from calls to video engagement (e.g. Google Meet)
  5. Secure channel – End-to-end encryption
  6. Secure email
  7. Drive video engagement with pre-configured content
    • Video
    • GSuite integration
  8. Document walkthrough to signature (Docusign, Google Drive, DotLoop, Skyslope)
  9. Scheduled elevation with built in reminder notifications using multiple messaging channels

Private Channel Messaging App

  1. eReply
  2. Engage Messenger

Use Cases

  1. Real estate agents
  2. Mortgage
  3. Small lawyers
  4. Management consultants
  5. Marketing Agency / Gurus
    1. Marketer’s Braintrust
    2. Digital Marketer
    3. Frank Kern
    4. Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula
  6. Multi-channel Support and Service
  7. Associations/Clubs/Teams
  8. Franchisors/Franchisees
  9. New sales vs. Managing Customers

Types of Prospects

  • Qualified vs. Unqualified
  • Aspirational vs. Active vs. Engaged
  • Aspirational leads are people who are interested in what you are selling, but currently have low motivation to act and no timing to act. They are hopeful. They will respond to your ads but aren’t yet ready to engage with you. Future business.
  • Active leads have motivation and timing. With the right messaging, they are ready to engage with you.
  • Engaged leads are actively in conversations with you.
  • Can we create moments to buy? (For more on this, read The Power of Moments by Chip & Dan Heath.)
  • Instead of building an Invisible List, we are building an Aspirational List. These are people who hope to buy or sell at some point in the future. Because they are interested, they will respond to ads, but haven’t got the motivation or timing to engage with you yet. We want to keep giving people on our Aspirational List reminders and triggers (by Retargeting, Alerts, etc.) so that when they are ready we can join in this conversation.
  • It’s a bit of a new take on the No business, Future business, Now business idea.
  • Add the idea of targeting QUALIFIED people on our Aspirational List.

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How we calculate price:

1. Starting Price

This is your base price.

*All messaging and calling usage are subject to “Fair Usage”.


  • Unlimited messaging with up to 100 people*


  • Unlimited messaging and calling with up to 250 people*

2. + Active People

Active People are new and returning leads you interact with during the month.

101-500 people  +$50/month

Over 500 people  +$50/month
per additional 500 people

251-500 people  +$50/month

Over 500 people  +$50/month
per additional 500 people

3. + User Accounts

Separate user accounts allow different team members to converse with leads and still let everyone view the conversation. You can also share and assign leads and follow-up tasks among different users. Leads can also respond to specific conversations or leads.

1 User Account included.

You must move to Gold level for additional User Accounts.

2 User Accounts included.

per additional user account

4. + Telephone Numbers

Personal telephone numbers

1 Dedicated Telephone Number included.

You must move to Gold level for additional numbers.

1 Dedicated Telephone Number included.

per additional number