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Conversations Matter !

Team Inbox + Messenger + Conversation Engine

What good are your leads if you can't talk with them?

Most businesses spend an inordinate amount of time chasing the people they want to talk to…

More often than not, you never connect.

Leads are useless without personal conversation. Dialogue helps you learn their specific needs and move them toward becoming a client. It’s way more effective than one-way email or text updates.

But do you have the time to chase every lead for one-on-one conversation? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could get them to contact YOU?

The Engage Conversation Engine uses cutting-edge technology and social behavior research to help you create more personal conversations. Simply add leads into an automated, multi-channel follow-up & conversation sequence specifically designed to nudge leads to contact YOU, ready to talk! 

Get more Lead Responses with
The Engage Conversation Engine

EngageCE is a fully-functional system for managing all your connections, leads, clients, and beyond. Easily record and review notes and conversation history with your contacts.

Maximize your time by cherry-picking your most qualified leads for follow-up via phone, text, and email. Call-Assist helps you power through your list – record call outcome, schedule the next callback, and move on with one click!

Conversion starts with a Conversation...

Getting more clients for your business starts with talking to more people. But how much does it cost you to actually talk to a lead? Consider this example:

If you’re averaging $5 to generate a lead, and only talking to 10% of them, that’s $50 per conversation. Raise that percentage to 50% and a conversation costs you only $10. 

More conversations means more clients!

Creating more conversations boosts the effectiveness of ALL your other marketing and advertising. That’s HUGE!

Know When Your Customers Are Ready To Buy

Problem #1

Getting Through is Hard!

How do we engage and have personal conversations more often with our prospects and clients without overspending and burning trust with impersonal messaging?

Everyone’s attention is FRAGMENTED…

Everyone is really good at SCREENING and IGNORING…

People don’t want to be sold…

Communication channel preferences vary widely…

Use Cases and Target Markets

New Lead Generation

Current Clients and Members

Hiring and Recruiting

Incoming Requests

For Any Industry...

Sales Agents

Supercharge your follow-up and create even more conversation opportunities. Let your leads search your inventory, subscribe to and automatically receive updates for new and modified products.

Financial Planners

Nudge leads to contact you through savings product reviews and other information. Spread the word quickly when favorable interest rates become available, or when important tax deadlines are coming up.


Guide potential clients through their legal issues by providing tips and information. Help them organize. Save valuable time by letting conversation sequences qualify leads for you.

...and Professional Service Providers of all types...

Specialty Products

Get alerted anytime one of your contacts takes a financial triggering action.

Find your “NOW” business… now!

(Contact us for more details.)

Connect with Real Estate Agents’ contacts. Get alerted anytime one takes a financial triggering action.

Find your “NOW” business… now!

(Contact us for more details.)



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How we calculate price:

1. Starting Price

This is your base price.

*All messaging and calling usage are subject to “Fair Usage”.


  • Unlimited messaging with up to 100 people*


  • Unlimited messaging and calling with up to 250 people*

2. + Active People

Active People are new and returning leads you interact with during the month.

101-500 people  +$50/month

Over 500 people  +$50/month
per additional 500 people

251-500 people  +$50/month

Over 500 people  +$50/month
per additional 500 people

3. + User Accounts

Separate user accounts allow different team members to converse with leads and still let everyone view the conversation. You can also share and assign leads and follow-up tasks among different users. Leads can also respond to specific conversations or leads.

1 User Account included.

You must move to Gold level for additional User Accounts.

2 User Accounts included.

per additional user account

4. + Telephone Numbers

Personal telephone numbers

1 Dedicated Telephone Number included.

You must move to Gold level for additional numbers.

1 Dedicated Telephone Number included.

per additional number